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For more than a quarter of a century, Nigel Harrison has mesmerized audiences with his interactive and immersive approach to the art of magic. Renowned globally as a trailblazer in illusion design, he holds a prominent position among Canada's leading illusionists.

Beyond his magical talents, Nigel embodies the essence of an entertainer, utilizing his illusions to craft a remarkable theatrical spectacle. By dismantling the traditional divide between performer and spectator, Nigel fosters a personal connection through his illusions, allowing the audience to actively engage in the performance, forging enduring memories.

During his leisure hours, Nigel dedicates himself to innovation. His inventive reinterpretations of classic illusions have garnered international recognition within the magician community, with his creations being integrated into the repertoires of numerous professional magicians worldwide

In the autumn of 2010, Nigel achieved a milestone by orchestrating the grandest illusion in Canadian history and one of the most substantial illusions ever witnessed in North America. This feat involved the disappearance of an 800- passenger cruise ship and its occupants, surpassing renowned illusions like David Copperfield's vanishing train car or jet airplane spectacle..

Born Bradford Nigel Harrison, Nigel spent his formative years in the maritime province of New Brunswick, Canada. Initially born in Fredericton, his family later relocated to Harvey Station, New Brunswick, after a brief period in the Northwest Territories. Nigel has always held Harvey Station dear as his hometown.

From a young age, Nigel harbored a profound passion for magic. His introduction to the art came at the age of twelve when he received his first magic set. Hours and days were dedicated to refining each trick, culminating in his inaugural magic presentation to his sixth-grade class. During his teenage years, alongside typical summer employment, Nigel embraced opportunities to showcase his magic at local fairs and festivals. While pursuing studies in film and television production, Nigel's talent as a performer blossomed, captivating audiences of increasing sizes and delving into the realms of corporate magic and entertainment.

Presently, Nigel stands as one of Canada's esteemed illusionists. Whether engaging in intimate close-up magic encounters or commanding full-scale stage productions, Nigel has garnered acclaim from a diverse audience, ranging from the general public to government officials, luminaries of Hollywood, and prominent international corporations.

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The Show

"Unreal" is Nigel Harrison's latest live illusion show, promising an unforgettable journey where the impossible becomes possible. Scheduled to enthrall audiences across Canada in 2024/2025, this show is not just about illusions; it's an interactive experience that encourages audience participation, creating a uniquely mesmerizing performance every time. Renowned for orchestrating Canada's largest illusion, Nigel Harrison now presents "Unreal," a family-friendly extravaganza featuring groundbreaking illusions never seen before in Canada.

“My husband and I have seen David Copperfield twice. We both said that last nights show was far better than his!” - Marsha B.

During the 90-minute show, spectators will witness astonishing feats blurring reality and fantasy. From dividing a person in half and levitating audience members to predicting future events and creating a snowstorm on stage, "Unreal" aims to leave the audience in awe.

Nigel Harrison's allure lies in his blend of innocence, humor, and a touch of mystery that enhances the wonder surrounding his illusions. His friendly demeanor and genuine connection with the audience make "Unreal" stand out as a unique illusion show. While ticket prices may vary by venue, the experience of seeing "Unreal" is invaluable, promising a magical evening filled with laughter, surprises, and the joy of witnessing the impossible.

Featured Illusions

  • Clearly Divided
  • Snow
  • Floating Table (aka Movie Magic)
  • Audience Levitation
  • Metamorphosis
  • My First Trick
  • Airtight
  • Message in a Bottle (aka Oracle)

*Effects subject to change by performance/venue

*Above effects are scheduled for select 2024/2025 dates

"An unforgettable evening of illusion"

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